About Us


round 1990 an avid angler, Jim Gillespie, retired from CP Rail. For a hobby and a part time business he started to sell fishing worms in southern New Brunswick. “Jim’s Live Bait” started out with just a few local stores but over a 23 year period the business grew to include many more outlets along with most of the Canadian Tire locations in southern New Brunswick.In 2012 Jim, who was now in his eighties, convinced his lifelong friend, Mike Donovan, to not only help with the business but to eventually take over by the end of the year. “Jim’s Live Bait” was renamed “Maritime Worm Ltd” and an aggressive expansion was planned for 2013In late 2012 we purchased a large new walk-in cooler which is capable of holding 10,000 prepackaged tubs of worms at a constant 38 degrees F. This ensures that we always have a good supply of fresh healthy product. We then went to the next level and purchased a new insulated delivery van complete with a new reefer unit that keeps our product at a constant cool 38 degrees during transport.

Last year we added several new locations in New Brunswick and we also expanded into Nova Scotia. See Where to Buy for retail locations.

Although fishing worms are our prime business, we have also started to supply compost worms to local gardeners. Compost worms are prized for turning your household compost into valuable worm casting which is the world’s best natural fertilizer.

In 2016 Mike Donavan then passed on the business to a local entrepreneur and friend Robert Dekany. I am a local resident of Quispamsis for my whole life of 44 years. I had big shoes to fill to keep up to Mike's reputation. I have expanded to approximately 50 more stores across the maritime provinces. I have 2 very dedicated worm delivery drivers who are the most dependable and reliable people anyone can ask for. I hope to continue with the business for many years but could not do it without the support of all local businesses and customers. I really appreciate all the support and for that I say thank you very much!!