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Good day everyone! My name is Robert Dekany the owner of Maritime Worm. It has been awhile since an update of the website has been done but I finally got around to doing it! I really like to give a shout out to all those companies and small businesses and loyal customers who have supported and kept our business going strong!

Welcome to Maritime Worm! The premiere supplier of quality worms to retail locations throughout New Brunswick and Nova Scotia and Prince Edward Island! I believe in keeping our planet green and have switched our Nightcrawler containers to bio-degradable compostable tubs. I am hoping to switch to these tubs for the European Crawlers as well as soon as possible! If you have purchased worms from me directly or from a retail store and find dead worms or missing worms please contact me immediately and I will send you free tubs to replace yours at no charge. There is 3 quality control people who make sure there is the right amount and best quality worms going into each tub! Worms are very sensitive to environmental changes and we do our best to ensure the worms are kept healthy and happy (that is if worms can feel happy).

Our worms are ideal for fishing and gardening and will sure to meet your needs! Whether you need worms for the afternoon for yourself, or for a group of anglers heading out for a week long trip, we can supply you with the right amount of worms to meet your needs, and all at a bargain price!

There are numerous species of fish available to be caught using our worms in the waters of New Brunswick and Nova Scotia, some large and some small! See if you can pick out the different species.

Listed here are some, but not all of the species that anglers frequently catch with our worms including:

    • American Eels

    • Brook Trout

    • Bullhead Catfish

    • Flounder

    • Landlock salmon

    • Pumpkinseed Sunfish

    • Shortnose Sturgeon

    • Smallmouth Bass

    • Smelt

    • Striped Bass

    • Sucker

    • Tommy Cod

    • White Perch

    • Yellow Perch